Since the announcement that we have entered Phase 2.5, many of you have asked about what our fan policy will be for fall league. Please read below for instructions on how we will proceed with allowing admission into the games. If everyone is able to follow our guidelines, we will continue to allow fans to attend games.

Masks COVERING YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH will be required (if you see someone without a mask, it is because they have contacted BCBA prior to the league start and communicated a medical or religious reason not to wear one; there will be special seating for these individuals). If you are an individual that needs an exception, please contact us via email (THERE IS A SEPARATE PROTOCOL FOR EXEMPTIONS, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SIT IN THE STANDS!!)

Masks will be required for all coaches during the games.

To keep capacity under the 30% requirement, only fans for the teams playing at that time will be allowed entrance into the gym. ALL FANS ENTERING THE GYM WILL PAY THE ADMISSION FEE. The only exception will be children age 1 or under. We will be asking EVERYONE (PLAYERS AND FANS) to exit the gym IMMEDIATELY AFTER EACH GAME!!

When/if you arrive early, DO NOT ENTER THE GYM!! You will NOT be allowed to enter the gym until the RED sign on the main gym doors has been turned to GREEN.

All persons entering the gym will be required to have their temperature checked. If your temperature is over 99.9, you will not be allowed entrance.

After EVERY game we will empty the gym of all players, fans and coaches. Players will need to change out of clothes, shoes, etc., in their vehicles. We will be cleaning the gym after every game. If you have multiple children playing on two levels in the same location (A and B), you can speak to the employee at the door to receive a stamp to come back in for your 2nd game.

Hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the gym for your convenience.

If you are asked to leave the gym or decided to remove your son from the league, you will NOT be refunded admission or player’s fee!!

Please review these rules and share with anyone attending the games. We will not allow negative comments regarding displeasure with our guidelines to be made to any employee enforcing them throughout the fall season.