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 Sports Evangelism

Hope & Hope Inc is an organization that was created for Christian athletes who want to use their God given talent to share the Gospel of Christ with others. During our international trips we accomplish a threefold purpose in the town of Campden Park, St. Vincent;

a. Share the Gospel message with the people of these towns, by helping them reach their God given potential in Spirit, Mind and Body. Evangelism will be the main reason for this trip, as we first must share Christ will the citizens of this city, so they can recognize their purpose in life.

b. Sports is the  number one  tool we use to accomplish goals. We use the sports of Basketball and Soccer (Football) to gather the residents of Campden Park together on the local hard court; there we undertake 3 different projects:

  1. The cleaning and restoration of the hard-court, which entails the re-painting of basketball lines, cleaning the basketball goals and the cleaning and cutting of the grass around the facility.

  2. We conduct Basketball camp/programs that to teach the children the rules and fundamental skills of the sport. All session of camp is conducted as a basketball summer camp, where kids are exposed to skill sessions and small sided games.

  3. We will teach and educate adults simple ways of creating, organizing and directing sport programs in and around the community.

c. Create and continue building relationships between the people of Campden Park and the local church via Hope & Hope Inc’s outreach.

In addition to our sports segment we have introduced a medical segment of our mission trip. Our goal is to work in place of the doctor who currently visits the clinic in Campden Park, giving him/her some well-deserved rest, as well as provide further coverage during the days the doctor is not present. We also conduct CPR education sessions, to help educate as many residents as possible, about the signs and symptoms of heart disease (specifically cardiac arrest and stroke), as well as the basics of performing CPR in the event of emergencies. Our medical goals are separated into three segments:

  1. COMPLETED! Immediate Term Goal (August 1-8, 2016): We want to provide the residents of Campden Park with general, overall health checks, including blood tests. We hope to select 50 individuals (on a first come, first serve basis), to help them to gain knowledge of their current health condition.

  2. IN PROGRESS! Intermediate Goal (Present – July 29, 2018): Dr. Lue promised that upon his return to North Carolina, with full knowledge of the obstacles and challenges he would face on this trip, to compile a team of practitioners to travel back to St. Vincent. Our goal is to make this vision reality, so that we can serve and provide the local clinic in Campden Park with more knowledge, medications and equipment to improve services significantly!

  3. Long Term Goal (1-3 years): After using Campden Park as care point and blueprint, we will be able to share our knowledge and resources with all local clinics around St. Vincent and the Grenadines.