The Triad All-Star Classic process has a “New Normal” and cannot and will not mirror how we “used” to operate. Our aggressive and proactive mindset will “set the bar” for how youth events will be administered during these new days. The safety of you along with our staff, participants, spectators and officials are first and foremost our highest priority. As such, we have designed a very detailed process for All-Star weekend that will enable everyone to enjoy the event in a safe and efficient manner, based on guidelines set by the CDC and the North Carolina Health Department.

There are numerous format changes to the traditional All-Star Weekend Experience, please be sure to review the following in detail:

  1. Each event starts will been delayed up to 1 hour between games instead of the traditional flow of activities. This enables control measures set in place to effectively limit the number of spectators and team participants per game session, which is at a 30% capacity.
  1. Players and fans are allowed to enter the building enabling social distancing requirements once the previous game participants/fans vacate and the benches and chairs that fans may sit are sanitized. At no time is there a deviation from this schedule, there will be no need to arrive at a facility 60 minutes prior to your game time, you will not be allowed to enter. Generally speaking, you will not be allowed in until approximately 25 minutes prior to your game starting time, and that is assuming there are no delays in the game preceding yours.

This control measure enables the ability to limit the number of spectators at any one time in a gym 30% of the gym capacity, which is for your safety. We appreciate in advance your cooperation!

  1. ALL SEATS will be marked and measured 6 feet apart from one another, every other row, to enable social distancing all around. Similarly, when entering the gym, there will be markings positioned 5ft apart to fans to enter individually, not in a compacted line. This includes both benches in addition to spectator seating.
  1. Players and fans just finishing a game will be led by staff out a separate set of doors to the parking lot than those in which you would enter. This limit passing of other families/players while one group is entering and another leaving. This also requires any traditional post game discussion amongst a team to NOT BE CONDUCTED INSIDE THE GYM or HALLWAYS, it would need to occur outside in the parking lot.
  1. There will be signs clearly identifying the separate exit doors that should be used base on where you are seated. However, when entering, both players and spectators will have the same entry, but with different lines.
  1. To ensure the safety of our staff, spectators, players and officials, anyone entering the facility will have their temperature taken to eliminate anyone who may be running a fever. Anyone having a fever would be denied entry. This will be conducted with a thermal scanner as each person enters a building. It is a non-invasive process that is highly accurate, hence the reason all attendees will be required to enter individually. This would be conducted EACH TIME you enter the facility (including multiple times during the day, if you have ticket more than one event on the same day).
  1. Our venue will have uniformed police personnel present to not only enforce our guidelines but also be there to ensure spectators and athletes operate in a respectful manner.
  1. There will be a traditional concession stand operating that contains food items that must assembled in the concession stand; however, we will also have a selection of pre-packaged items at concession.

Triad All-star Classic Concessions: All items will be available including Gatorade, water, candy and assorted other items.

  1. All officials will be refereeing in masks covering both nose and mouth, with basketball and equipment being sanitized each halves and events
  1. Players will be required to play in masks per NCHSAA and NCISAA rules.